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And so we enter 2014.It’s a new dawn, a new day, a new year for us to start thinking – or living- those New Year’s resolutions. Only time will tell how well we live our resolutions for the new year – and yes, we will surely break one or two within the first quarter of the year. Kutlwano looks at how four extraordinary women - celebrities Tshepo Ntshole, Berry Heart, Samantha Mogwe and Naledi Kaisara aka Slizer plan to live out the new year – and how far they will keep those new year resolutions – after what looked like a very successful 2013 for them...



Gaborone based poetess Keotshephile Motseonageng, popularly known by her stage sobriquet Berry Heart is optimistic 2014 shall be a very defining year for her rocketing career

The ambitious and talented poetess thinks her time on the big screen is long overdue. “I want to see myself ending on the television screen,” says the young woman who has built a reputation for pushing boundaries through her lyrical content and somewhat unorthodox, even revealing attire.

Berry Heart has been signed by former South African soapie actress Rosie Motene under her stable. Motene is a well-known actress who has had a role in leading South African soapie from 2000 to 2004 and also having been cast in the international film Hotel Rwanda. Her association with Berry Heart will undoubtedly bear fruit and usher the poetess into the big stage.

The highlight of her career was when she was nominated to represent Botswana at the United Nations Creative Arts Advisory Council just after the launch of her moving piece Children of Mawa or Les Infant de demai, French for Children of Tomorrow.

“2014 should be a year greater than the past. As you mature so does the years. You build up your career. I am actually expecting a lot of opportunities to come my way and I’m ready to take up the challenge. One other thing:for the first time in my career that I have an itinerary which is an indication of good things to come,” she said.

Berry Heart has already distributed her music to over 250 websites worldwide in over 50 languages. She comes from a storytelling family and has been reciting poems from the time she was at primary school. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Humanities majoring in English and has compiled a thesis on Poetry, Feminists and Politics in Benjamin Zephaniah’s City Psalms. She has a certificate in German and is currently studying for an International Diploma in French.



Tshepo Ntshole down hard on aspiring radio DJs chasing fame and not delivering quality.

Tshepo Ntshole undoubtedly falls in the bracket of Botswana’s quality and experienced Radio presenters. It is not surprising that amongst other things she is a top notch corporate events MC and one of the most expensive in the land.

In an exclusive interview with Kutlwano, Tshepo who hails from Mochudi, but raised in Gaborone bears a Sesotho middle name, Monahadi says her roots can be traced back to Lesotho.

 “I started with Gabz FM and then went to Yarona FM for some time and then came back to Gabz FM again. I was groomed by ‘Shakes da Mix and DJ Fresh’ at a young age.” And for over 14 years she has been rocking the airwaves,. Having started at age 19.

“I grew up a very inquisitive child always, with a positive outlook on life and always curious about things, and for me radio is about being cautious of your environment,” says Tshepo in her usual bubbly self.. She says these intrinsic characteristics coupled with her free spirited mind have to a larger extent enabled her to thrive on radio.

Tshepo, who runs her own events and lifestyle company, currently basks in the ‘Sunset Avenue’- a Gazb FM fast paced show that runs from 4 pm to 8pm and tackles a broad spectrum of issues. “We dwell more on the social elements, not too political though!” she warns.

Asked on her take on radio in Botswana and what could be done to improve the mediums Tshepo says there is mushrooming, a crop of radio presenters, fame chasers who have no inkling about anything. Worse they do not inform themselves, and this leads to them making ridiculous mistakes on air.

She cannot hide her disdain for “this” new breed of presenters. “Our commodity in this industry is information, so you have duty to inform yourself, what is the use of someone listening to you if you do not know what you are talking about or telling me something that I already know?”

What is Tshepo’s personal philosophy? “It changes according to the mood I am in but there is a potent line that I learnt somewhere that touched me, “Today is the tomorrow that you were worried about yesterday.” Adding, that we tend to worry about what we do not know, I am growing to not worry about things I cannot do anything about. Things will just fall into place.

For the year 2014, Tshepo says radio will decide where it wants to take her, “You see the audience decides, once you do not connect with your listeners, it’s a problem. But I will continue to give it my best,” she says, almost determinedly.



In the circles of music, Samantha Mogwe, perhaps one of Botswana’s most talented female Neo Soul R&B singers has endeared herself to many and seems to be fast penetrating the international music space.

The gifted  25 year-old songbird whose debut single, ‘Transitions’ featuring Zeus has been hot on the radio charts continues to impress as she spreads her wings offshore shaking airwaves across borders. Her long awaited debut album is slated for release in March under the internationally acclaimed Universal Distributors.

“This is a rare opportunity for me, this is a record label that has signed Zahara, Groove Cartel, Zeus and many others and I’m glad they recognise my work, not many people get signed there,” she says with contentment.

A singer, song writer, artist, Samantha whose videos are available on the world wide web- YouTube and other sites relishes live performances, “I enjoy live performances. In fact we are planning a live performance for the album launch in April.”

The bag of goodies from the songbird never ceases to spill its content. It is engorged with surprises for her legion of fanatics in 2014, “I work with as many people from different cultures as much as I can to give my music diversity; producers in America have shown interest in my music and may be flying to America this year to record,” She says excitedly.

Future plans? “I am a product of people’s belief in me and  their pouring out what they learnt in me and so I’d like to do the same for others, I’d like to have a determined talented artist to understudy me, preferably a female artist because there are a lot of males in this industry playing Neo Soul R&B”

Samantha aspires to do a music exchange programme where she can hone her talent and offer her audience greater quality music.



Self-acclaimed queen of House Kwasa music Naledi Kaisara popularly known as Slizer on the dance floor remains hopeful that after a somewhat quite season last year her fans should expect more from her this yea

The petite Bobonong born singer and versatile dancer, known for her electrifying live performances looks forward to a fruitful 2014 with a new hot album in the offing. With her trademark long blonde hair and suggestive dance moves, Slizer is dearly loved by many across the country in pretty much the same measure as residents of the dusty streets of Gaborone West, where she grew up love her. You can only surmise her charismatic stage presence and natty dress code must have much to do in winning the hearts of House Kwasa zealots.

Slizer is set to drop her fourth offering titled Ngwanyana wa Mogoditshane, hot on the heels of Otswa Kae? Mocha-o-chele and lately Diwewewe which received much acclaim from her fans.

Slizer is also looking forward to collaborating with a number of reputable local and international performers. Already she has struck a number of successful collaborations with amongst others Odirile Vee Mampeezy Sento of Letlhale Le a tsamaya fame in the hit song Hare Kopane. She blossomed into the music industry while still in her teens and as a dancer and finally backup singer for a number of high profile musos like Dr Vom before launching her solo career which popularised and launched the new style, House Kwasa, which became an instant hit in townships.

Slizer believes the music bug is not done with her family. Already her first born son Bibo – she has two boys has followed in her tracks. She was part of the team that launched his music career recently. The latter is also set to release his second album soon.

Slizer prefers to keep her private life truly private. Last year there was rumour that she was about to get married. While she spotted a gold ring on her right ring finger the soft spoken singer remained tight lipped when quizzed about her wedding plans. ENDS

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