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Live with the end in mind...

I’m on my phone texting away.  I occasionally try to avoid my screenshot though I can’t bring myself to change it. 

It’s a picture of my late father.  “late” ..... I never thought at any point in my life I would have to live without him. He’s not here.

I am but a fraction of the billions of people across the world who have lost those dear to them and if you may, still grappling.  

Isn’t it funny how we are constantly bombarded with news of someone’s passing and it’s something we just cannot for the life of us get used to. 

How on earth are we as the human race supposed to get over the fact that someone who once lived among has ceased to exist and that we ourselves will be no more at some point?

This brings me to my next point. Do we live with the end in mind?  When we eat and drink, do we look at only the health implications here on earth and not the end?

When we love and let live, or when we hate and kill, do we believe that planet earth has all the answers and justice served or denied on earth affects ur gas no bearing in the ultimate and that after death there’s nothing beyond it.

Do we know that life and death aren’t ours to give and take away? Even though our earthly beings were designed to create life and medicine and science can reverse or hasten both death and life.

How about when we give and withhold, does selfishness on earth benefit us beyond the grave? Or will our giving be rewarded in the afterlife? when we drive, or walk, when we work, when we marry and groom children, is it for the sake of following through on mans rights of passage and nothing more that we have these plans and execute them just because we can?

When we kiss, make love or when we laugh and play...are these joys temporary fulfilling and only purposed to pass time or even waste it?

When we do life in general do we live with the end in mind? Or do we just live because after all we didn’t ask to be here, we just so happened to be in existence... Think long about this, I have time I’ll let you take it in.

When we leave this earth, this land of the living do we just believe that the way we did life was just in vain? 

Just for the purpose of being and then dying.  Surely there has to be more than this right? 

More to life and more to being alive, more to mortality or death. Do we live and die and that’s that?  Come on now. Surely there has to be more.

Where are the answers?  Who has them? Do they not exist, are they engraved in our curiosity to always want to know more because we constantly are in pursuit of purpose or are they just meaningless thoughts we shouldn’t give our time to.

I just threw this question to a friend of mine whether or not she lives with the end in mind. 

She turned to me and said on a daily she strives to do Good deeds because in doing so she feels a sense of purpose and that she believes her works have a bearing on where she ends up.

I believe a purposeful life is relative to every individual. We all gain satisfaction and fulfilment from both small and big experiences. It’s in doing all that we feel purposed to do that we have our God-given yet individual “ultimates” and assignments signed and sealed.

Our ends may lead to either one of two destinations, but it’s in being mindful of who God is and why He specifically called you and gave you life that you effortlessly work out your end. 

Let that end be of bliss and not of doom. Regardless of what you believe, live with the end in mind.

Whether your end is a fiery furnace or at the entrance of pearly gates there is choice.

When we don’t acknowledge or exercise this privilege to choose, we have unbeknownst to ourselves, chosen by default the former. So in any case you made a choice that leads to something type of irreversible end.

I’m just letting my mind go wild with a lot of issues we tend to suppress because we don’t want to be seen to be over spiritual, judgmental or even simply ignorant, all extremes are detrimental to both your existence and your end.

I don’t profess to have any answers, simply put I just want us as a people to really take the time to think beyond our capacity to see. Beyond what the preacher said last Sunday, beyond what the doctor wrote in his report, beyond what your parents told you, beyond what value the economist gave to the numbers which determine a country worth.

Beyond all these things and more is a life and after life we ought to think about.

Your belief in either or lack of does not determine or alter the duo’s reality.

There is an end which affects all of us, we really don’t have a choice. Why don’t you work our yours now before the clock chimes and the privilege of breath, thought, action is fatefully stripped from us as the human race.

Whether you subscribe to the biblical assertions or not, I love this read in particular which speaks to our independence in working out our own salvation.

So you and both have an end we have to work out whilst we can, it’s really our choice how we do it, but we ought to be mindful of knowledge and wisdom beyond any man including ourselves.
So... Pray and ask for Grace and answers to everything here on earth and beyond so the one who created both and has all knowledge of both can unreservedly guide you to make a choice of your ultimate which had no internal obligation or external pressure.

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